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Award-Winning Fashion Films

LatexFashionTV is an online video channel devoted to latex fashion and fetish clothing. We bring you fashion films, modelling, interviews, event coverage and fashion shows from around the UK and Europe.

Since our launch in 2015 we’ve published over 200 videos online, from cinematic featurettes and photoshoots to cosplay and couture. We celebrate and showcase latex rubber fashion along with models and designers who wear and create it.

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With a decade of experience covering the alternative scene, our films are elegant and sexy with a televisual style and mainstream appeal that’s won various awards and international recognition.

We’re featured by Sexhibition, Skin Two, Marquis, Bizarre, Front, KFS Media, Film Festivals, Alternative Magazines and used on television to promote latex fashion. (image: Our films shown on Dutch TV’s Studio PowNed)

We work with models across all genres from alternative to high fashion, from GQ Italia’s Vivi Sterling to Game of Thrones’ Valis Volkova.

LatexFashionTV is a media partner with Sexhibition. A three day event filled with rubber fashion, models and the largest collection of latex designers brought together in the UK.

In 2016 we sponsored ‘The Sexhibition Awards‘ as well as the individual award for ‘Latex Designer of the Year‘. We reported from the show and also screened films over the weekend at Sexhibition Cinema.

Watch our Sexhibition coverage here.

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If you’re involved with something epic that deals with fetish fashion we’d love to hear from you.

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